By: Jerry Humphrey III

The 305 and Ruff Ryders took over social media last night after the Eve vs Trina Versuz battle on Instagram live. This marked the first Versuz battle between two female rap artists. Eve performed in London England and Trina performed before her hometime crowd in Miami Florida.

Both rap Divas came out with the hit bangers taking us back to those ’90s/early 2000s vibes. Trina performed at club Story bringing back all of the rugged hits that made you have Meg Thee Stallion knees. Songs like “Pullover” and “Da Baddest B@*^#” made us love and appreciate Trina for being real and raw. Slip-n-Slide records was definitely in the house. Trick Daddy took to the stage for their 305 cult bass classic song Nann and the live audience went crazy.

Trina shouted out upcoming Atlanta female artist “Mulatto” and played her song “B from Da Souf.” This was huge seeing Trina pay respect to a new generation star.

“I always got love for the women out there who appreciate the vibes we bring. I want to introduce ya’ll to the new vibe that’s flaming.” Trina said before performing Mullatto’s track. Eve started with dance club banger “Trampoline” and then proceeded to commemorate the following song to the late great DMX with “Ruff Ryders Anthem” remix. Eve and DMX worked alongside each other under their music group Ruff Ryders. They appear on a few songs together
so she showcased a lot of their hits throughout the entire event.

“May he rest put your Xs up” Eve said after her Ruff Ryders performance. Verzuz has kicked off another summer and given us a way for the culture to stay connected. Next up for another Verzuz battle is Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. Save the date for June 26.