Submissions is a lifestyle digital platform that produces quickies – both in publication with quick reads and in broadcast with short-form video segments cultivated for today’s fast-paced.

We are actively seeking pitches from journalists, writers, academics, and other contributors of all backgrounds, especially those whose voices are often underrepresented in media.

All accepted stories go through a collaborative editorial process:

Pitching Stories to The Culture Digital Publication

Send pitches to

The subject line for the email should state: Online Submission: TITLE OF ARTICLE

What to include in your pitch?

  • The pitch should include a working headline, a 200-word summary of the story, ideas for photos or infographics, and a proposed word count. If there is a deadline by which you need an answer, please specify.
  • The summary should include: why The Culture’s readers should care about this story; why this is an important story now; how your story will build on what has already been said about this topic; and links to relevant studies and source bios.
  • If you haven’t written for The Culture before, include links to recently published pieces and/or your online portfolio.
  • Across the board, we’re looking for pitches that give a clear, concise summary of the subject, angle, or thesis of the proposed piece, and your anticipated story structure. We’re looking for pitches that contain answers, not questions.


Publishing on The Culture

If The Culture decides to publish your release or article, please be on the lookout for your published article.

By submitting a pitch to The Culture, you acknowledge that your pitch may be similar or identical to content submitted by others, or to materials developed by or on behalf of The Culture and that it shall have the right to use such other content or materials without any obligation to you. Neither the submission of your pitch nor The Culture’s review of it constitutes or creates an implied contract or other financial or confidential relationship between you and The Culture. You shall have no right to compensation or reimbursement of any kind by The Culture in connection with the submission of your pitch. If and when The Culture elects to proceed and assign work to you based on your pitch, the terms of any such assignment shall be subject to a separate agreement between you and The Culture. The Culture has no obligation to review, keep, or return any materials you submit.

Appearing on The Culture Television Show

Want to be on The Culture? We’re always looking for potential guests, please use the following guidelines and steps.

Send pitches to

The subject line for the email should state: TV Show Submission: POTENTIAL TOPIC

Appearing on The Culture’s TV Show

  • Your email should include a 60-90 second attached clip of you discussing the topic you’d like to talk about on The Culture.
  • If there is an interest in your topic, one of our producers will be in touch with you. Be sure to include your contact information.
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Full Name
    • Email
    • Website
    • Instagram Handle
    • Tell us a little bit more about you + what you do.
    • Why would you like to be a guest on The Culture?
    • If you’ve appeared on a recent podcast or TV show, please provide the link to your guest episode.