North Miami CRA Board Member Pierre Frantz Charles Unveils NW 7th Ave Biz Boost Grant Program Guidelines

North Miami CRA Board Member Pierre Frantz Charles Unveils NW 7th Ave Biz Boost Grant Program Guidelines

The North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency Board Member Pierre Frantz Charles, M.Ed., proudly announces the launch of the NW 7th Ave Biz Boost Grant Program, an initiative designed to provide vital support to established businesses seeking to elevate their entrepreneurial journey. Geared towards fostering growth and innovation, the program offers eligible businesses within the NMCRA geographic boundaries grants of up to $5,000.

Eligible Uses:

The NW 7th Ave Biz Boost Grant Program targets specific needs critical for business advancement, encompassing areas such as business equipment, marketing, security systems, inventory, commercial liability insurance, and professional services (e.g., CPA, attorney, etc.).

Program Highlights:

  • Geographic Boundary: Businesses must be located on NW 7th Avenue within the NMCRA geographic boundaries.
  • Commercial Property Use: Primary property use must be commercial.
  • For-Profit Entities: Applicants must be for-profit entities.
  • License Compliance: Applicable City of North Miami/county/state licenses must be up to date.
  • No Pending Litigation: Owner/Operator or Applicant should have no pending litigation with the City of North Miami or NMCRA, nor any unpaid real and/or tangible personal property taxes.
  • Active on Sunbiz: Businesses must be active on Sunbiz.
  • Single Location: Businesses should not be part of a national chain or franchise.

Application Process and Requirements:

  1. Completed applications, accompanied by all required documentation, must be submitted for consideration.
  2. Receipts and proof of payment for expenses incurred must be provided as part of the report.
  3. Only one application per business will be considered.
  4. A letter of compliance from the Neighborhood Services Department or a list of open violations is required.
  5. Businesses relocating out of the CRA during the application process, grant award, and payment will be disqualified.
  6. Businesses must remain on Northwest 7th Avenue for one year.
  7. Interior and exterior pictures of the business location are mandatory.
  8. Grants are awarded on a first-qualified, first-served basis.

Additional Notes:

Grant funds can be utilized to address outstanding code violations, subject to approval by the Executive Director. For more information and to access the application, visit