By: Jerry Humphrey III

Formers Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones was recently traded to the Tennessee Titans for 2022 2nd rounder and 2023 4th rounder. Jones will join a Titans offense with the two-time offensive player of the year and Alabama alumni Derrick Henry and pro bowl wide receiver AJ Brown. 

This trade was two weeks in the making after announcing live on the fox sports tv show undisputed he was out of Atlanta when Co-host Shannon Sharpe asked him about his future. However, many believe this was supposed to happen years ago. Not to mention, Jones battled through hamstring injuries last season and only played nine games. 

Sources confirmed there was a strain in the relationship between the Falcons management and Jones when it came to his contract back in 2017. Though he got the three-year 66 million dollar extension it took two off-season’s to finally agree. Those early signs gave the Falcons camp a heads up that the end could be nearing with their star player. 

As the Falcons began to rebuild their organization they started to look for the next best thing especially at the wide receiver position. In 2018 they drafted Calvin Ridley in the first round from Alabama. In his sophomore season in 2020, he finished with 90 receptions and 1374 yards on the season. In addition, they drafted Kyle Pitts the 6’6 tight end from Florida in the 2021 NFL draft. Pitts is arguably one of the most talented prospects in his draft class and was clearly the replacement for Jones. 

With Jones heading to a new conference in the AFC this will be a fresh start for the star wideout. From 2015-2018 Jones led the NFL in receiving yards so when healthy the seven-time pro bowler is dangerous on the field. It’s going to be interesting seeing him against AFC defensive powerhouses such as the Chiefs, Bills, and Steelers.