May is Mental Health Awareness Month 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month 

By Belinda Gordon-Battle, MED, MS, LMHC

This month the color is GREEN. Green is a visual reminder of our continual awareness of the need for optimal mental health.

Across the world , people are organizing events that focus on mental health for individuals, organizations and in the community. These events are tailored to normalize the conversation about mental health, decrease stigmas, provided access to mental health service and share local and National resources.

BGB COUNSELING SERVICES, LLC co-sponsored a Mental Health Happy Hour organized by L3 – Live. Long. Life., a progressive partnership between black women of excellence from Broward and Dade Counties.

Realizing the important of black voices in the conversation about mental health, these women utilized all of their resources to provide a suicide prevention and awareness panel discussion at Florida Memorial University, the only HBCU in South Florida.  Over 100 high school and college students along with their mentors and organization leaders attended the L3 Mental Health Happy Hour.  The Mental Health Happy Hour was an open opportunity to network and expand access to mental health services from the supportive vendors onsite.  Representative Felicia Robinson welcomed the guests and panelists to the inaugural Mental Health Happy Hour.  The engaging panel of mental health professionals and advocates was moderated by Jennifer Sanders, LCSW, Florida Memorial University counselor.

Attendees were reminded to identify and utilize local and National resources such as  211 for resources and support in Dade/Monroe counties, 954-537-0211 for resources and support in Broward County and 988 for the National Suicide and Crisis hotline.

As Mental Health Awareness Month continues,

  1. Wear your green in support of mental health awareness (Pic and Post – tag The Culture)
  2. Plan and/or attend an upcoming Mental Health Awareness event
  3. Use your Employment Assistance Program from your insurance to reach a licensed mental health professional
  4. Make your mental health a priority

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