The mayor of Miami-Dade has announced that the city is facing a housing affordability crisis, that severely impacts resident’s lifestyle.

The mayor, Daniella Levine Cava, has shown significant concerns about the housing affordability crisis of her city as it is becoming out of the question for many people to rent out a house. She said that it is unfortunate that Miami-Dade has become one of the most expensive cities to live in.

“Skyrocketing rents are creating a massive burden on our families, workers, and local businesses,” Cava noted.

 The rents have increased up to 30% since last year. The mayor was convinced that her city had shown commendable resilience in the times of the Covid19 crisis, and the city’s economy had recovered fully.

“We are truly where the American dream is happening,” Daniella Levine Cava added. But, housing remains over-priced, affecting working families and people looking to retain employees.

“Miami-Dade is where the American Dream is in full swing, but over the past year, we have become one of the most unaffordable regions in which to live, stifling that opportunity for many and hurting our working families,” she said.

Additionally, a study showed that Miami is not alone in facing the housing affordability crisis. Rents in Fort Myers jumped more than 31%, they’re up 28% in Tampa, and they rose more than 24% in Orlando.

Cava was adamant about calling her team together to work on the housing affordability crisis. She stood firm on taking remedial measures and alleviating the problem altogether, starting by granting $13 million to the county’s emergency rental assistance program.

The funds are being made available from Friday. “My administration is working tirelessly to find solutions to make housing affordable for all residents, including alternative funding options for developers, incentivizing more sustainable construction, and making it easier to build in our county,” the mayor said. “We will continue working until we are confident that all of our residents have access to affordable, quality, and secure housing.”

The mayor has also introduced the Building Block Program, which is considered a step toward finding solutions to the housing affordability crisis. She has called for a meeting where all the mayors across the county’s 34 municipalities would come together to address the problem and make it easier for people to live in the Miami Dade city.