Wendy Williams' Biopic Covers Past Rape Incident


Wendy Williams has made her mark in the entertainment industry with her shocking tea on celebrities and sassy personality that gets the media talking. She went from one of the hottest radio DJ’s and host in New York City to producing her own talk show. Despite her past addiction, relationships, and self-image issues, the media personality has established an empire while overcoming some major trials and tribulations.

After a rough couple of years, Williams is finally telling her truth with an upcoming Lifetime biopic, Wendy Williams: The Movie, and a documentary, Wendy Williams: What A Mess! The film, premiering Jan. 30, will revisit some of the the TV star’s toughest times, including her struggles with substance abuse and her divorce from longtime husband Kevin Hunter, and being raped by an R&B star at the beginning of her career.

“People who’ve really listened to me as I speak over 35 years in broadcast will say, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember she talked about this, but I didn’t realize that it was that intense or that deep.’ I was able to clear up half-truths and untruths,” the TV host said in a recent interview with Essence.

During a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Williams said her ex was a “serial” cheater and claimed she knew about his affairs “almost since the beginning” of their 25-year relationship. Hunter has not publicly acknowledged the alleged affair or fathering a child outside of wedlock.

Despite her past trauma Williams says, “I like who I am, so I have no regrets. If anything, I’m extremely happy that I’m still relevant enough that I’m able to come through some pretty kick behind double doors and say. ‘How you doing?’ and still be young, fun, and pop culture relevant.”