By: CaraG @exclusivelycarag

We all know that most people took quarantine eating seriously. We couldn’t visit our friends or have holiday parties, so we just had to eat it all ourselves. It’s a new a year and the perfect
time to focus on that weight loss goal and achieve the perfect summer body. Now that most things are virtual, several celebrities have had the opportunity to focus
on getting in shape without having to worry about the normal hustle and bustle of their career. Weight watchers has been around since the early 60s. In the past, many celebrities
including Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and Oprah Winery have used weight watchers. Yes, Oprah lost more than 40 pounds on the WW Freestyle program! Here’s the latest update
on what celebs transformed their body using weight watchers.

Singing sensation Ciara is dominating her postpartum goals! She welcomed her third child, Win in July with husband Russell Wilson. Although it’s only been six months, that’s not
stopping the celebrity mom from bodying the challenge. Before Win was born, she made the goal of losing 48 pounds by using the Weight Watchers program. She is halfway through her goal and says that the WW app has been “a game-changer” in maintaining her goal. Ciara posted a motivational photo on her Instagram sharing her journey since giving birth.
“Super Proud of where I am starting off 2021! Down 28 pounds thanks to @WW!! This journey has been easy, stress free and fun! Especially juggling mommy life, work life,
exercise, etc! The WW app has been a game changer! 20 more lbs to go! ”

Tamala Mann
American gospel singer Tamela Mann set some serious goal to develop a healthier lifestyle. She kept her promise to herself even through knee replacement surgery.
She announced via social media that she was joining the WW community as an Ambassador. She took to Instagram and wrote “I am officially 40 pounds down!!! I’m telling y’all @WW is
changing my life for the better! It’s not too late for you all to join me on this journey….”

Kim Whitley
Emmy-nominated Actress, Comedian and Author Kim Whitley has had a successful weight loss journey in the past, but her bad habits set her back. It was reported that when she heard
Tamela Mann’s testimony, she decided to join the Weight Watchers program The star opened up about her spectacular weight loss via a post on Instagram. In the caption, Whitley explained that she joined the Weight Watchers program and has already lost 25lbs out of the 40lbs goal she set for herself. She showed off her before and after look, writing: “I am so thankful to my Posse and my @ww coaches! The most exciting thing is I don’t HAVE to wear a Spanx all the time!!”

Loni Love
Loni Love has been open about her weight loss in the past and announced that she is continuing on her weight loss journey as Weight Watchers brand ambassador and partnering
with WW to encourage fans to lead healthier lifestyles. “I really want to inspire and influence others to look at their lives and get healthier,” said Loni about working with the company. “The inspiration isn’t just about losing weight but getting healthier.”