Join us in celebrating the 75th Anniversary & the official Day of Miami’s Paradise Renewed — Historic Virginia Key Beach Park on Saturday, August 1st, 2020, from 2pm to 4pm at 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami, FL 33149.

“Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is an important element of Miami’s culture and history. Celebrating and commemorating the park’s 75th anniversary provides us all a time to reflect on our community’s past and focus on creating a fair, just and unified future for our next generations.  Due to the current situation brought on by COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing the Historic Beach Park’s assets to the public this year is even more important; reminding us of the natural beauty and impact mother nature has on the mind, body and soul. This 75th anniversary is to bring together community members, beachgoers and other patrons to safely enjoy and embrace the park while practicing social distance,” says Guy Forchion, Executive Director. 

Originally dedicated and designated a “Colored Only Beach” in 1945, on an unequal, separate basis, Historic Virginia Key Beach Park (HVKBP) represents the preeminent recreational gathering place for all marginalized communities and social classes who live and visit the beach park while being the focal space where the black community at-large was allowed to gather, commune and create the conditions for solidarity necessary for a civil rights movement to flourish.

The recent passing of the state of Florida’s Senate resolution 1932 and Miami-Dade County’s resolution 14A5 proclaim Saturday, August 1, 2020 and each August 1st thereafter as, “Historic Virginia Key Beach Park Day,

The Historic Virginia Key Beach Park will be celebrating its official Day and 75th Anniversary by encouraging the public to visit on its special day.

Come out and explore the many activities available throughout the day:

· Stay or get fit joining the Urban Beach Bike Ride; 8:30AM & 5PM

· Rent Paddleboards or Kayaks;

· Roller Blade;

· Enjoy the view of our Walk & Jog Paths;

· Geo-Cache or Disc Golf;

· Make memories in our Photo booth;

· Tour the Park w/ Self Guided App;

· Picnic with your loved ones;

To end the day, enjoy a treat of Free Cake & Ice Cream courtesy of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust.

You can also celebrate safely from the comfort of your home by watching our Virtual Film Exhibition and Cocktail Part on Facebook (FB) Live about the critical stories that have framed Miami’s history commemorating the progressive struggle of African Americans and Caribbean Diaspora throughout South Florida over the last 75 years.

WHO:       Virginia Key Beach Park Trust

WHAT:      Celebrating Historic Virginia Key Beach Park Day & 75th Anniversary

WHEN:     August 1st, 2020 — 2PM to 4PM

WHERE: Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, 4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami 33149