Miami Dade County Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee and Miami Dade County Proclaim June 14, 2024, as Todd Michaels, Esq., Day

Miami Dade County Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee and Miami Dade County Proclaim June 14, 2024, as Todd Michaels, Esq., Day

In a heartfelt and momentous proclamation, Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee announced June 14, 2024, as Todd Michaels Esq., Day in recognition of Todd Michaels Esq.’s unwavering dedication to advocating for justice and serving the underserved communities of Miami-Dade County. This proclamation celebrates Todd Michaels’ installation as President of the Florida Justice Association (FJA), a prestigious role that underscores his lifelong commitment to upholding the principles of civil justice and protecting the rights of Floridians.

Todd Michaels, a lifelong Miami-Dade resident, has been a beacon of hope and a steadfast advocate for those who often have no voice. His work with the FJA, formerly known as the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, has been instrumental in ensuring that every Floridian has a fair chance to seek justice in our state’s courts. The FJA, dedicated to strengthening Florida’s civil justice system, plays a critical role in holding large corporations and industries to high ethical standards, thereby safeguarding the rights and safety of Florida’s consumers.

“The essence of our society is rooted in the fair and just treatment of every individual,” Commissioner McGhee stated. “Todd Michaels exemplifies this ideal through his tireless pro bono work and his commitment to the principles of equity and justice.”

The history of the FJA is a testament to its enduring mission. Founded in the aftermath of World War II by Miami attorney Perry Nichols, the organization began as the Negligence and Compensation Lawyers of Florida (NACLAF). Nichols envisioned a platform where attorneys could collaborate, educate, and support one another in their quest to represent injured accident victims. This vision evolved into the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers in 1961, and eventually, in 2007, it became the Florida Justice Association, reflecting a broader commitment to justice and consumer protection.

Research consistently shows that advocating for the underserved not only elevates those individuals but also enriches our society as a whole. Legal assistance for those in need reduces recidivism, promotes economic stability, and fosters a more just and equitable community. Todd Michaels’ career is a testament to these truths. His legal acumen and compassionate representation have led to significant verdicts, such as the $24.5 million medical malpractice wrongful death case in Broward County and the $5.7 million negligent security case against Family Food Saver.

Todd’s numerous accolades, including being named Most Effective Lawyer by the Daily Business Review and his inclusion in the Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers lists, highlight his professional excellence. Yet, his greatest accomplishment, he often says, is being a father to his two sons, Ashton and Jackson Michaels.

Before joining The Haggard Law Firm, Todd served as an assistant public defender, federal public defender, and private criminal defense practitioner, trying over fifty cases in both state and federal courts. His experience and dedication have made him a distinguished member of various legal organizations, including the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 and the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).

As we celebrated Todd Michaels, Esq., Day on June 14, 2024, we honored a man whose life and work embody the highest ideals of justice and service. His advocacy continues to inspire and uplift, ensuring that the rights of every Floridian are protected and that our community thrives in the light of fairness and compassion.