A Star is Born: Hip Rock Star Honored at Business Leaders Luncheon

A Star is Born: Hip Rock Star Honored at Business Leaders Luncheon

Miami Beach’s Jungle Island recently played host to a dazzling affair as Hip Rock Star Advertising, helmed by President Jessica Garrett Modkins and Vice-President Roy Modkins, claimed the coveted Dexter Foster Small Business of the Year Award. The event, held on May 3, 2024, was a sold-out sensation, with the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce recognizing Hip Rock Star’s exceptional contributions to the business community.

In a unanimous decision, the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors bestowed the prestigious award upon Hip Rock Star, a full-service agency renowned for its dedication to working with brands focused on societal good. Their client roster includes illustrious names like Florida Power & Light, The Miami Dolphins, and CNN.
Accepting the accolade, Garrett Modkins expressed her elation, declaring, “To receive the Dexter Foster Small Business of the Year Award is both exhilarating and deeply honoring.

Founded in 1974 by a group of Black business leaders, the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce has been a stalwart supporter of the growing Black business community for fifty years. Through various challenges, including social unrest and economic downturns, the Chamber has remained steadfast in advocating for businesses and fostering growth.

Garrett Modkins reflected on the Chamber’s legacy and Hip Rock Star’s commitment to progress, affirming, “At Hip Rock Star, we will continue to knock down doors in the face of adversity and walk fearlessly for the betterment of society.” The award ceremony not only celebrated Hip Rock Star’s success but also showcased the resilience and determination that define Miami’s business landscape.

Hip Rock Star stands as a preeminent powerhouse in media and entertainment, renowned for its influence in curating and producing high-profile events nationwide. With trailblazing expertise and a respected authority in the industry, the team has partnered with renowned clients such as the NFL, CNN, McDonald’s, Crypto.com F1, and the Alonzo Mourning Foundation. Their commitment to excellence has solidified their position as a go-to resource for creating unforgettable experiences that transcend expectations.

In 2022, Hip Rock Star produced the groundbreaking HBCU Honors, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, celebrating exceptional alumni from historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) who have reshaped the world through their accomplishments. This star-studded black-tie affair, held at Miami’s historic Lyric Theater, showcased Hip Rock Star’s prowess in delivering unparalleled excellence.