HBCUCon Hits!!!

HBCUCon Hits!!!

By The Culture
The Historic Society, Hip Rock Star title sponsor the Black Archives, History and Research Foundation of South Florida, Inc. proudly wrap up the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Conference (HBCUCon), an annual celebration of culture, legacy, and community that drew attendees from prestigious institutions across the nation. From January 10 to January 12, 2024, HBCUCon provided a multi-disciplinary festival and conference experience, seamlessly blending music, art, food, networking, laughter, and engaging dialogue.

Conference attendees represented institutions including Albany State University, Bethune-Cookman University, Florida A&M University, Grambling State University, Hampton University, Howard University, Norfolk State University, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Central University, Savannah State University, Shaw University, Spelman College, Texas College, Talladega College, and Tuskegee University. Their presence added to the diversity and richness of the HBCUCon experience.

Throughout HBCUCon, the engaging discussions delved into crucial topics pivotal to the advancement and sustained relevance of HBCUs. Participants explored the imperative need for curriculum evolution, ensuring alignment with contemporary technological trends while emphasizing the significance of providing exposure-rich educational experiences. The dialogue navigated the essence of fostering an authentic HBCU experience, intentionally advocating for these institutions, and strategically addressing challenges to mitigate the existential threats faced by HBCUs. These thoughtful conversations underscored the commitment to fortifying the legacy of HBCUs and charting a resilient path forward for their continued impact and success.

Event Highlights:

HBCU Homecomings: The Journey to the Yard (January 10, 2024):

The conference commenced with the screening of the 2-part docu-series, offering an intimate look into the unique traditions of attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities. The movie, hosted on January 10 at 7 pm, captivated the audience, highlighting the rich history and vibrant spirit of HBCUs.

Hip Rock Star, an award-winning, socially conscious media production and 360 agency, announced the exclusive world premiere of the DocuSeries HBCU Homecomings: The Journey to the Yard last February. It debuted on streaming platforms including Crackle, Plex, and LG, and was presented by AmFam Insurance.

The Conversation (January 11, 2024):

A day dedicated to thought-provoking discussions on critical topics such as health and wellness, gun violence, social justice, technology, entrepreneurship, and activism. Leaders engaged in interactive sessions, fostering actionable items for positive change within and beyond the HBCU community.  The speakers included Dr. Steve Gallon III, Senator Dwight Bullard, Pastor Lorenzo Johnson, Sr., Belinda Gordon-Battle, and Ruben Roberts.

The Block Party (January 12, 2024):

The Lyric Plaza came alive with the cultural celebration known as The Block Party. Set to the sounds curated by DJ Bo Weezy, the festivities began at 6 pm and featured food trucks, fun, friendly rivalry, and the vibrant soundtrack of HBCUs.

For comprehensive details about HBCUCon 2025, visit thehbcucon.com to sign up and be the first to know.

HBCUCon transcended the realm of a mere event; it stands as a dynamic movement, passionately celebrating the profound legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The transformative annual gathering was an immersive experience that captured the essence of HBCUs through the harmonious blend of music, artistic expression, meaningful dialogue, and the spirit of community building. The event amplified the stories, achievements, and vibrant culture of HBCUs, forging connections that go beyond the event, and fostering a lasting impact on individuals and communities alike. Those who attended contributed to the heartbeat of this movement, honoring the past and shaping the future of HBCUs.