Kerry Washington Unveils Family Truths in Candid Discussion at Miami Book Fair

Kerry Washington Unveils Family Truths in Candid Discussion at Miami Book Fair

By: The Culture

In a captivating session at the 40th Anniversary of the Miami Book Fair, renowned actress and author Kerry Washington opened up about a deeply personal revelation from her recently released New York Times best-selling book, Thicker Than Water: A Memoir. The intimate discussion, moderated by her close friend Eva Longoria, delved into the unexpected turns that shaped Washington’s literary journey.

Washington’s book, born from an initial concept surrounding lessons learned from her character Olivia Pope, took an unforeseen twist when she discovered a life-altering truth about her own family. Speaking at the Wolfson Campus on Sunday, she shared a pivotal moment in her life.

“I sold this book idea. That was the 10 things I learned from Olivia Hope I working on the book proposal for that book,” Washington revealed during the conversation. The revelation unfolded when her parents disclosed that her beloved dad, a familiar face on her Instagram, was not her biological father.

The actress candidly recounted her initial reaction, stating, “My parents had no plans to give me this information. They were truly going to take it to their grave, but because of other circumstances, they were kind of forced to tell me.”

As Washington attempted to channel her energy into writing the initially planned book, the weight of this newfound reality proved too substantial. “Every time I sat down to write that book, I couldn’t because all I was thinking about was this new reality that I was living in,” she explained.

Contemplating her identity, family origins, and life-altering choices, Washington grappled with the internal struggle of sharing such a personal story publicly. She initially sought to refund the publisher, unwilling to pen a book that omitted this crucial truth about her family.

However, the actress gradually realized the importance of addressing the narrative that had long been shaped around her family. “I wanted to tell the truth about my family because our story was already in the public eye,” she admitted. Despite her own inclination towards privacy, Washington felt a responsibility to rectify the public image created around her family.

Opening up about the impact on her children, she shared an insightful moment when her oldest child commented on her son’s resemblance to her non-biological father. Washington acknowledged the challenge of navigating these revelations in private conversations and the importance of honesty.

As the discussion unfolded, Kerry Washington’s openness provided a glimpse into the complexities of personal revelations and the decision to share them with the world. The Miami Book Fair audience witnessed a raw and unfiltered conversation, transcending the boundaries of celebrity to touch on universal themes of identity, family, and the pursuit of truth.