Kerr says Draymond Green ‘took it too far’ and that his five-game suspension was deserved

Kerr says Draymond Green ‘took it too far’ and that his five-game suspension was deserved

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Draymond Green was “wrong” and “took it too far” when he put Minnesota’s Rudy Gobert in a headlock, agreeing that the five-game suspension handed down by the NBA was deserved.

“Draymond was wrong,” Kerr said Thursday before the Warriors’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. “He knows that. It’s a bad look. The five games is deserved.”

The NBA cited Green’s “ history of unsportsmanlike acts ” in determining the length.

Thompson’s jersey was ripped during the scuffle, and he, Green and McDaniels were all ejected. Thompson and McDaniels were each assessed a technical foul, while Green was assessed a Flagrant Foul 2. It was Green’s second ejection in three games.

“He definitely took it too far,” Kerr said. “I didn’t have a problem with him getting Rudy off of Klay because the rule of thumb is you don’t put your hands on another player on the other team. … But he’s got to let go. He hung on for six, seven seconds, and it was a terrible visual for the league, for Draymond, for everybody.”

Thompson, McDaniels and Gobert were also penalized for their involvement, each receiving a $25,000 fine from the league.

But Green will pay the biggest price, both in terms of games missed and money lost. The suspension will cost him $769,704 in forfeited salary.

“Draymond has to find a way to not cross the line,” Kerr said. “I’m not talking about getting an ejection or getting a technical. I’m talking about a physical act of violence. I mean, that’s inexcusable. We have to do everything we can to give him the help and the assistance that he needs to be able to draw that distinction between being an incredible competitor … but he can’t cross that line.”