The NAACP South Dade Branch’s Statement on Gov. DeSantis’ Removal of State Attorney Monique Worrell

The NAACP South Dade Branch’s Statement on Gov. DeSantis’ Removal of State Attorney Monique Worrell

NAACP South Dade Branch

The NAACP South Dade Branch strongly condemns Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to remove State Attorney Monique Worrell from her elected office. This is a clear attack on the independence of the judiciary and a dangerous abuse of power.

State Attorney Worrell was elected by the people of Orange and Osceola counties to uphold the law and protect their communities. She has a proven track record of doing just that – the data from the local and state law enforcement entities clearly show that crime is down in her jurisdiction.

Governor DeSantis has unjustly targeted State Attorney Worrell repeatedly over the course of the last year. He has accused her of “neglect of duty” and “failing to enforce the laws of Florida.” However, there is no evidence to support these claims. State Attorney Worrell has simply been doing her job, which is to use her discretion to make fair and
just decisions. As the only Black female elected State Attorney in the state of Florida, we cannot ignore the optics of this decision, as well as the timing — seeing that Governor DeSantis’ floundering presidential campaign has been dominating headlines.

Governor DeSantis’ decision to remove State Attorney Worrell is a clear attempt to silence her and intimidate other prosecutors who may be considering progressive policies. This is a dangerous precedent that threatens the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.

This action also undermines the democratic principles upon which our government is founded and disregards the will of the people who elected her to serve in that capacity. It is essential that elected officials respect the separation of powers and allow those in positions of authority to fulfill their duties without undue interference. Governor DeSantis’s actions set a dangerous precedent and erode the public’s trust in the democratic process. This removal raises concerns about the preservation of an independent and impartial justice system, and it is imperative that such decisions are made based on sound legal reasoning and not for political motives. Such actions undermine the integrity of our government and threaten the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the state.