Kanye West decided to collaborate with the world’s fast-growing food chain, McDonald’s, for their reimagined packaging.

After making his name in several ventures –music, footwear, apparel– Kanye West has decided to step his foot into food and beverages by breaking the news to his fans on his Instagram.

Coming back on Instagram after two months, Kayne posted a picture of a McDonald’s burger container which looked like a sandwich that included lettuce, meat, and some tomatoes. The reimagined packaging is the hard work of a famous Japanese MUJI industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. The box also featured the food chain’s signature golden logo at the top.

He teased the work on his Instagram Stories hours before posting in-feed with the caption “Next week, it’s the fries” alongside a redesigned photo. More new designs can be expected as a part of their reimagining series.

There is no information regarding the redesign’s launch date or whether it will be a permanent or limited edition. It is also unknown whether Ye’s partnership with the fast-food chain will extend beyond the burger box.

Ye was banned for 24 hours from Instagram in March for violating the social media platform’s policies on hate speech, bullying, and harassment. The suspension followed the rapper’s posting of a Google search for Trevor Noah accompanied by slurs.

Since then, Ye did not share any pictures on his Instagram and wiped out the entire grid to take some time away from the platform.

McDonald’s is at the forefront of combining celebrity culture with mass consumption and branding. Travis Scott, a former protégé of Kanye West, was one of the most influential pioneers in this new field of celebrity collaboration with his “Cactus Jack Meal” combination, which allowed consumers to eat like one of their favorite musicians. McDonald’s continued the promotion by collaborating with Latin music sensation J. Balvin, K-Pop group BTS, and hip-hop artist Saweetie. They have also conducted other celebrity promotions, such as Mariah Carey’s Christmas gift to consumers.

A collaboration as massive as Ye and McDonald’s will ultimately generate headlines resulting in a tremendous public turnout. Kanye West has a huge fan following, and people will undoubtedly come out to have their favorite meals because of the hip-hop star.