C.J. Wallace, the son of the late Notorious B.I.G. accepted New York City’s proclamation to honor the iconic rapper. Wallace accepted the honor on behalf of his father as the city celebrated Biggie Smalls 50th birthday.

“Ever since I was 14, 15, when I really had to realize how important this family legacy was, I made it my life. This is all I can do. I can’t go a day without thinking about who my father is and the impact that he was able to make, and it inspires me to continue to do the same thing in my own way, but continue to obviously keep Brooklyn first, keep New York first.” Wallace said

“I know I’m being told to get back out here as soon as possible,” he continued. “But yeah, man, this is a lot for me to really process and take in. I wish my sister was here obviously to be here, she couldn’t make it. Just want to thank you guys. Thank you so much, thank you.”

The following day family and friends gathered together at an intimate lighting ceremony inside the Empire State Building. According to Revolt, Voletta Wallace, Biggie’s mom and Lil’ Kim were among those in attendance who shared kind words about the rapper’s legacy.

“When I look at the Empire State Building and how strong it stands, I think about B.I.G. and how strong he stood at 6 feet something. That soft cushy belly and just a soft heart to go with it,” Lil’ Kim said. “He meant everything to me, anybody that knows me, knows that. I would’ve so loved for him to see this day. Because I feel like even if he was here this is something that still would’ve happened.”

“The love that everyone had for him. He was so fun, he was caring at the same time. I can see him right now doing the butterfly in his drawers,” she added.

Biggie’s mom thanked the entire team for putting the event together.

“Tonight is also a bittersweet night,” she said. “I would have loved for my son to be here to witness this. But then again, think about it. If he was here. I don’t think this would’ve happened. So, he’s not here. And I wish with all my heart that all of you and all of the friendly faces, all of the genuine love that’s being permeated throughout this room, throughout New York City, Brooklyn, and the world. I love my son.”