Queen Elizabeth II is facing her COVID-19 diagnosis head-on despite rumors of losing her life to the disease. 

Last week, the queen was diagnosed with COVID-19. She withdrew from attending the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, the Festival of Remembrance, and the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph service in the autumn after suffering a sprained back.

US Weekly exclusively reported that the queen is “extremely thankful” for everyone’s “emotional and practical support” since testing positive. 

“Of course, she has a team of doctors to lean on whenever needed and a support staff that’s second to none,” the source explains. “But thus far Her Majesty has been handling this without any fuss or need to involve too many others in her recovery.”

“She’s showed extraordinary courage and is thankful for all the love and support she’s received, and as long as she feels able to work that’s what she’ll continue to [do],” the source tells Us. “It’s typical of her selfless character and everyone is just in awe of her resolve and bravery. She’s truly one of a kind and an example to everyone around her.”

Elizabeth met earlier this month with her eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, also tested positive for a second time on Feb. 10. He last contracted a mild case of the virus in March 2020. Prince Charles’ wife Camilla received a positive test several days later as well. 

As of today, the queen is feeling a lot better, and it was reported that she held her weekly telephone audience with the prime minister despite being sick.