For the past year, Barbados has enforced strict COVID-19 procedures for all citizens and travelers, including a required electronic tracking bracelet and a mandatory quarantine period.

This unique bracelet utilizes geofencing technology. The bracelet is linked to an app called BIMSafe, which requires infected people to submit their temperatures. Thus, tampering with the bracelet will send an alarm to Barbados authorities.

Minister Bostic shared the details of the bracelets.

“Our tracking bracelets have a mechanism that is tamper proof, and they’re also water resistant. As soon as anyone tries to do anything, an alarm goes off and the command or control will receive those alerts, and we would then be able to respond. If a person goes out of the area that they’re supposed to be in, in quarantine, again the alarm goes off and we will be able to respond promptly,” he explained.

Chief medical officer Dr Kenneth George went on to add that people who don’t abide by the rules of quarantine are liable to be convicted. He stressed that the protocols are to ensure their personal safety and the country’s safety.

In addition, travelers must also comply with the Barbados quarantine rules. The Caribbean island now requires visitors to provide negative results of a COVID-19 PCR test taken within three days before their arrival. Additionally, travelers will also need to download an app called BIMSafe, where they can upload their test results before travel and log any potential symptoms. Face masks are also required in public spaces.

“We are asking the population and we are asking visitors alike to please abide by the quarantine rules and regulations of Barbados. It is important not only for your safety but the safety of the entire population as we try to address the issues confronting us at the prisons. We cannot find another fight or another area having people breach quarantine and causing us a further headache,” said Dr. George.

The electronic bracelet is also required for people returning to Barbados from out of the country.