Cure meets the needs of design-conscious clients looking for unique services for their events.

Cure launched its custom-fabricated mobile bar, which is designed to entertain guests at events with unique and customizable options.

Since its launch, Cure has become a market leader in the mobile bar industry with its solutions for outdoor comfort.

Cure is unquestionably unique in many ways. Through its innovative design and functionality, Cure is designed to entertain unlike any other mobile bar. Cure’s services are ideal for any event from weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, girls’ night in, housing development get-togethers, festivals, fundraisers, to corporate events.

Cure enhances their client experience by serving as a multifunctional and versatile centerpiece at events. Cure caters to all the needs of storing, cool, preparing, presenting, and ensuring clients enjoy their beverages and services at all times.

Curated cocktails and events can bring the remedy for a good time, safe socializing, and delicious cocktails directly to Cure’s clients. As a custom fabricated mobile bar, Cure features seven taps, serving custom curated cocktails, beer, wine, and prosecco. Cure’s mobile bar also includes LED lighting, beautiful glassware, shelving, flowers, and a team of experienced bartenders and event planners.

About the Founders

As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the United States, Cure’s founders Rochelle and Jeff Satchell, unearthed the inspiration and courage to launch a new business. The combination of job loss and more time at home was their motivation.

The couple, former restauranteurs/bar owners, remixed their past with a pandemic safe plan for their future. The Satchell’s realized that so many people were forced to stay home and unable to safely socialize outside of their homes. Cure provides the solution to this problem. Cure brings a unique event bar experience directly to their clients.

Cure’s founders passionately believe that “teamwork makes the dreamwork.” In the near future, they plan to launch a franchise operation that will provide opportunities for bartenders and event planners who have experienced similar job loss due to the pandemic to become Cure Franchisees.

“Since we’ve launched Cure, we’ve gained incredible traction from clients from all walks of life. We’re elated to be able to provide this much-appreciated innovation, fun, and uniqueness to the market and our clients,” said Rochelle Satchell.

About Cure and Its Services

Cure provides mobile bar service, event planning, budgeting, and management service.

Every Cure package includes:

● An Initial Consultation on beers, wine choices, pairings, and custom cocktail
creations designed with your taste in mind.
● Bluetooth speaker playlist music supplied by you or Cure
● Cure Mobile Bar
● Professional bartenders
● Custom curated bar menu planning with beverage choices and purchase
● Your consumption choice of beer, wine, prosecco, or cocktails (pricing varies
based upon your selection)
● Water station

Additional Add-ons available include:

● Games
● Personalized signage
● Glassware upgrades
● Custom lighting
● Coffee service
● Mocktails
● Upgraded wine and cocktail glasses
● Margarita bar
● Edible flowers
● Balloon garland
● Custom floral arrangements
● Don’t see it, you are only limited by your imagination!

Examples of Events Cure Serves:

● Weddings
● Birthdays
● Bridal Shower
● Gender Reveal
● Rehearsal Dinner
● Happy Hour at Home
● Girls’ Night In
● Housing Development Get-Together
● Festivals
● Fundraisers
● Corporate Events
● Photoshoots

For more information about Cure and its services, please visit: