It’s February 2021….you are a CEO, student, parent, entrepreneur, chef, Veteran, administrator or hard working citizen…yes, go ahead, pat yourself on the back, smile at your reflection in the glass, pinch yourself because you are not dreaming…you are preparing to celebrate YOU! The month of February is associated with LOVE. I encourage you to begin with SELF-LOVE.

WHAT IS SELF-LOVE? “Self-love refers to the act of valuing one’s own happiness and well-being. Self-love is a kind of acceptance that can be described as an unconditional sense of support and caring and a core of compassion for the self. It might also be considered a willingness to meet personal needs, allow non-judgmental thinking, and view the self as essentially worthy, good, valuable, and deserving of happiness.”


When you make an effort to care for yourself and display self-love, you increase mental health wellness in your life. With consistent practice, you will notice a decrease in nervousness or unhappiness. You will begin to increase self-esteem and confidence. Let’s use the next 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days to begin to practice self-love.

What can I do in 30 seconds to practice Self-Love?
I can inhale/exhale. Take in good energy and release negative energy.
I can visualize a real or imagined place that makes me smile.
I can say ten words of encouragement to myself. (It’s okay to repeat the same word of encouragement; it’s okay to sing it, it’s okay to say it in different voices)

What can I do in 30 minutes to practice Self-Love?
I can create a Gratitude List for yourself. Self-disclose all of your gifts and positive outcomes in your life.
I can take a mindful walk. Be intentional in your walk. Identify all of the things in nature that make you smile.
I can read from my favorite book or play my favorite song. Consider your connection to that book or that song.

What can I do in 30 days to practice Self-Love?
I can add to the above list.
I can share my added ideas or a picture of myself practicing self-love to #FEBISFORSELFLOVE2021

Consider your current needs. If you or someone in your circle would benefit from further support to achieve mental health wellness, do not hesitate to contact a licensed professional clinician. This is an act of SELF-LOVE.

Belinda Gordon-Battle, MED, MS, LMHC
Clinical Therapist
Instagram: bgb_justbeatherapist
#justBE open to the process