A joint venture between Black & Blu Research, LLC and Real Women Radio Foundation launches a unique civic engagement program, Turn Up, Turn Out, Vote! to drive participation of Black voters during this critical election season.

Turn Up, Turn Out, Vote! is a multigenerational Black and African American Florida voter

education program, that places all the information you need in the palm of your hand to become a knowledgeable voter, through a mobile app. The Turn Up Turn Out Voter Pro App 2020, contains videos, frequently asked questions, election tools, and covers every county of Florida.

Participants will follow the adventures of the TurnUps, a civic minded-multigenerational family,addressing all of your questions about the voting process. For the TurnUps, Voting IS Black Culture! and is a family affair. Each family member has a unique story that leads them to the 2020 ballot box.

Xiomara TurnUp, Puerto Rican born, and proud of it, provides motherly advice to ensure you

have everything you need and are prepared on election day. Little sister, Tiffiny TurnUp will

keep you informed on what steps you need to take to cast your 2020 Florida ballot successfully; while her big brother Trey, will use the TurnUp app to help him decide how he wants to cast his first time ballot. Will he vote by mail and if so, does he need a stamp? Or will Trey vote in-person, and what about ID should he bring?

Join The TurnUps on their journey to share accurate up-to-date Florida voting information for all 67 counties! Text TurnUp-APP to 90407 to download the Turn Up Turn Out Voting Pro App 2020 for in your pocket, on-the-go voting info. Click on the merch button for a free T-Shirt, mask or stickers (while they last). Voting IS Black Culture!