Politics for the Culture

ABOUT Politics for The Culture

Welcome to “Politics for the Culture,” the groundbreaking political podcast hosted by Senator Dwight Bullard. This thought-provoking podcast brings together Senator Bullard’s wealth of experience and his passion for advocating for the Black community to address critical issues affecting people of color.

With each episode, Senator Bullard engages in meaningful conversations with influential Black leaders, politicians, activists, and experts from across the country. Through these discussions, he tackles a wide range of topics, including racial justice, voting rights, economic empowerment, criminal justice reform, healthcare disparities, education equity, and more.

“Politics for the Culture” serves as a platform to amplify marginalized voices, share untold stories, and shed light on the systemic challenges faced by the Black community. Senator Bullard’s deep understanding of policy-making and his ability to connect with his guests on a personal level make for compelling and enlightening discussions.