Boy Meets Girl

ABOUT Boy Meets Girl

In “Boy Meets Girls: The Black Love Experience,” host Roy Modkins and Jessica Garrett Modkins take listeners on a captivating journey exploring the intricacies and beauty of black love. This thought-provoking podcast delves into various aspects of relationships, highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and unique experiences faced by black couples. Roy and Jessica Modkins, a dynamic duo themselves, share their personal stories, insights, and wisdom gained from their own relationship. Their warm and engaging presence creates an intimate space for open and honest conversations about love, communication, and building a strong foundation. Each episode of “Boy Meets Girls” features relatable discussions with a diverse range of guests, including relationship experts, authors, and everyday couples. The guests share their experiences, offer valuable advice, and shed light on important topics such as navigating cultural differences, managing conflict, and fostering healthy communication.