Okaloosa Sheriff’s office shared a video on Monday showing snow flurries falling to the ground. Parts of the Panhandle experienced snow as the temperature dropped below freezing.

The good news is that the snowfall didn’t stick anywhere nor created any problems, staff of the Sheriff’s office informed the Associated Press.

“Well, how’s this for a temperature change?” mentioned the Sheriff’s office in their caption, “from seventy-five degrees at three in the afternoon to snow at three a.m. at night, B-shift Central Bundle captured Bundle.”

“We couldn’t’ have imagined the sudden shift in the weather,” said a spokesperson, “it was breathtaking!” The last time Florida saw snow was in 2018. And it was now, marking the beginning of 2022.

The Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners posted a cold weather warning on Facebook, implying that temperatures can drop below forty degrees once again.

People across Florida and shared snaps and videos of the sudden snowfall on Twitter.


Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office’s deputy shared a video on Twitter depicting snow flurries falling at Lowe’s in Front Walton Beach. Furthermore, The National Weather Service also said that light showers cascaded down Northwest Florida.

Falling after around four decades, the snow will continue its streak the following week. With freezing temperatures forecasted in Florida Panhandle, Tampa Bay will drop down around 30 degrees.