Howard University’s student body gathered to protest many administrative issues from the campus authorities. The main concern for students setting up tents near the Blackburn University Center was poor housing conditions on the Harvard University campus.

After 33 long days and sleepless nights, the Howard administration finally reconciled with students to end the long-standing protest. The University announced the resolving of issues through a tweet. However, details of the resolution weren’t released instantly.

A video message was also recorded by the President of Howard University, Dr. Wayne A.I. Fredrick, who talked about discontinuing the students’ protest. He highlighted how the school would make diligent efforts for the improvement of circumstances for the students.

“The health and well-being of our students is the most important part of my job as president.” He continued, “We will continue to remain vigilant in our pledge to maintain safe and high-end housing.”

On Monday, while the news conference continued, celebrations were made by the protesters following the settlement. Student leaders conveyed that their voices, opinions, and concerns mattered as much as their lives did. They had spent thirty-three days in protest to convey their concerns. Most were jubilant as they had fought and finally earned their demands.

Since the 12th of October, these students have slept in tents outside Blackburn University Center. They were agitated by the lack of representations of students on the Trustee’s board.

The overall safety of students in dorms was in question due to the molding walls, lack of COVID-19 testing for students, and unsafe accommodation conditions such as rats and roaches.

In 2018, students occupied the administration building for nine days to bring awareness to several issues, including the sexual assault policy of the University, creating students’ food bank on campus, and more. Finally, an agreement was made between the students and the university officials.

The students commented that they had won for the future Howard Students and their community. However, students announced that they still have a lot of work to do in order to improve students’ lives on campus.