Award-winning talk show host Wendy Williams was expected to begin her 13th season of “The Wendy Williams Show” this Monday, Oct. 4. Due to ongoing medical issues, the show was delayed.

Williams spent the past 12 seasons of the production scoring some of the best ratings by giving her blunt opinion on trending topics, celebrity gossip, interviews, and every thought-provoking aspect of the celebrity lifestyle.

Within the past year, Wendy Williams just can’t catch a break from media headlines, especially regarding her marriage and health conditions.

With the finalized divorce procedures to her 21-year marriage in January 2020, Wendy also opened up on personal struggles with substance abuse/addiction for up to a decade in her career. The 57-year-old American media personality who creates her shows from a state-of-the-heart studio in New York also revealed her ongoing health struggle, Graves’ Disease, and Hyperthyroidism.

Graves’s disease is a proven autoimmune disorder that causes Hyperthyroidism. The thyroid gland, which is found as a butterfly-shaped gland located in the throat, tends to be produced in excess when one has Graves’ disease. This explains why Wendy Williams stammered unusually on one of her talk shows at the outburst of her health condition.

The condition is dominant in women under the age of 40 with symptoms including puffed-up eyes, actually enlarged thyroid, anxiety, tremor of the hands, and weight loss. There were slightly visible signs in Wendy on her shows, safe for the glammed-up life that covers it all.

Events turned out somewhat worse for Wendy Williams when she came down yet with COVID-19. However, she recovered from COVID-19 and is back under medical supervision for psychiatric health issues.

“Her breakthrough COVID case is no longer an issue and she has tested negative,” Thursday’s statement explained, “but she is still dealing with some ongoing medical issues.”

The show, which was set to premiere on Sept. 20, was announced to be postponed to Oct. 4. The return has further shifted to Oct. 18 with hopes that Wendy recovers.