Black Creatives Push Clubhouse App to $1 Billion


Clubhouse, a social media app created nearly a year ago, allows users to gather in virtual rooms to communicate with one another through the mics on their iPhones. The app is still in its’ beta phase, which means it’s invite-only and not technically open to the public just yet, but the app has rapidly grown thanks to black creatives.

Because the app requires an invitation, early participants were mostly from the communities around its founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Set. It was a way for wealthy Silicon Valley venture capitalists and workers in the tech industry to communicate and network during quarantine. The app mainly focused on conversations around tech and business. I like to think of it as a virtual conference.

Black creatives from diverse backgrounds changed the Clubhouse experience dramatically. I mean, just look at their app icon, Black creative Bomani X became the face of the app in December of last year. Bomani X is an artist, guitarist, singer-songwriter, and more who has worked with Jill Scott, Nicki Minaj, and many others.

While countless niche interests are up for discussion on Clubhouse, the Hip-Hop industry was a major factor in pushing the app to an estimated $1-billion evaluation in just nine months. From D Castro’s Industry Connect networking room to 21 Savage’s weekly R&B Wednesdays room, Hip-Hop has taken a strong liking to the app and is making great use of it.

No Limit Records founder Master P thinks it’s time for the roles to be reversed, stating, “We all went to Clubhouse and blew this up. You know this guy went to the bank, got whatever he want. He’s gonna take that company public,” said P. “We’re not thinking like that. The only way we gon’ be successful is taking these companies public. That’s the way you build wealth. We create so much wealth for them.” Master P is best known for his entrepreneur mindset and business acumen.

The creativity on this app is unlike any other. Daniel Adlam, CEO of Le Sommet Industries, has created a safe space to bring awareness to mental health. He assembled an All-Star cast of celebrities and influencers alike to team up for a new project, “Prank Callers: Live”. The new and exciting show will be the first of its kind on the new Clubhouse app. The cast has agreed to volunteer their time once a week to do the show that will feature a live DJ and numerous mental health resources such as therapists, psychologists, and more to educate listeners on the cause’s reality. Catch the show on Mondays at 9 pm EST with music artist Jaquae, Lady Luck, B. Staaaacks, and more as the main cast.

Clubhouse is yet another example of how powerful the black community is. We take everything and make it ten times better. It’s been enlightening to see how Black creatives enhanced this app and used it to further engage with their audiences. The amount of knowledge that Black leaders pour back into the community on Clubhouse is a game-changer. Clubhouse members who otherwise wouldn’t have been presented the opportunity can now be in virtual spaces with heavy hitters. It will certainly be interesting to see how many lives the app changes.