Miami moves to Phase 3 of opening, restaurants are at full capacity, mask fines are lifted, and physical schools are permitted to reopen but are they ready?

Another special board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th at 1:00PM to discuss a revised consideration of school reopening schedule. Why?

Last Tuesday, September 22nd the school board voted unanimously for a staggered reopening plan that would reopen schools no sooner than Oct. 14. This vote came after the board listened to more than 700 public comments from teachers and parents voicing concerns over the safety of reopening physical schools which took over 18 hours. Carvalho was quoted saying “I think the board listened carefully to the input from the community for hours from hundreds of teachers who expressed, many of them concerns, over health conditions in our community, and I believe that it is a decision that is intended to protect other students but also to protect the workforce.” The reopening plan would bring back students from pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade and students with disabilities on a modified curriculum to schools first. The following grades will come in after that, finishing with 11th and 12th grade students.

So that brings us to the reason for today’s special board meeting: Florida Commissioner of Education, Richard Corcoran, apparently didn’t agree with the decision of MDCPS as well Broward County Public Schools. Corcoran sent a special addressed letter to the superintendents of both counties on Friday, September 25th telling them to reopen physical schools no later than Monday, October 5th or submit justifications to why each individual school could not reopen.

In Miami-Dade County that is almost 400 schools. The deadline for their homework (I mean) assignment is Friday, October 2nd.

Stay tuned for updates following the board meeting.