(Black PR Wire) LOS ANGELES, CA — Woman of color-owned CBD cosmetics firm Bliss

MoleculesR enters a joint venture with J&B Investments to scale globally amid a burgeoning

“farm to face” beauty trend, despite systemic racism in male-dominated legal cannabis and CBD industries.

The partnership lets Bliss source its industrial hemp through a Northern California farm owned by real estate investment firm J&B rather than rely on outsourced cannabidiol. Eliminating the middleman allows Bliss to invest in R&D of new formulations, hone in on CBD genetics to harvest specific terpenes beneficial to skin and reach a wider global market, including in Asia.

“I’m proud to announce this during Black Business Month,” says owner Bianca Prachyl,

“because I believe a rising tide lifts all boats and hope my experience can help others.”

While the CBD industry is growing rapidly, it’s also beset by a unique bias and stigma.

“Challenges in CBD are somewhat different than in the cannabis space, especially when it

comes to those that women and POC face,” Prachyl says. She’s devised an equally unique

solution to counter those roadblocks—one she calls her “C.B.D Formula” for success:

Collaborate: “Shatter the glass ceiling by leaning on your sisters,” she says. “As

more solution-oriented women enter this male-dominated industry, we’ll have

the opportunity to overturn our more braggadocious counterparts.”

Benchmark: “As an industry, we need to create our own benchmarks working

within the regulations stifling us,” she says. “There is no collective outside of the

industry that knows our shortcomings and understands the pitfalls we face better

than we do. We have standards and solutions that we are ready to implement.”

Debunk: “We can set myths and stereotypes about our products straight with

transparency and education in order to legitimize the craft and build consumer

trust,” she says. “The more people know about CBD, the more we can increase

their health literacy, allowing them to exercise their own self-efficacy.”

Bliss Molecules is a WOC-owned market disruptor with unique voice and approach to CBD in the cosmetics space. It has successfully formulated CBD into cosmeceuticals that aren’t overtly oil based to provide water-based products not traditionally found in CBD product lineups.

“We’re not here to get you high, but we will get your skincare routine lifted,” says Prachyl.

Products include CBD tinctures and oils, facial and body moisturizers, cleansing sprays and Hyaluronic and Ferulic Acid Serums, among others. The company’s hero product is its

Niacinamide Turmeric Serum, designed to tighten and brighten your beautiful canvas. While

Bliss cosmetics are typically designed for women, the company is also expanding its CBD slate into the male grooming sector—described by industry analysts as the “next big thing.”

Learn more at https://blissmolecules.com/.